Anatomy of the swings of some participants –

similar or different to what the male pros of last week were doing?

Anyone care to comment on these backswings – in terms of how many separate joints are being moved and potential consequences to both ball-striking efficiency and injury potential?

What seem to be the common factors?

Please post your comments here.

From left to right:

Stacy Lewis, Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer, and (lower row) Jessica Korda, Se Ri Pak, Lexi Thompson.

[On the subject of anatomically efficient positions and injury  – look at Wie’s kinesio-tape on quadriceps, hamstrings and around the knees, any guesses what swing-factor might exacerbate pain in the area?]

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 7.31.56 PM

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 7.32.07 PM

4 replies on “US Women’s Open 2014 – Anatomy of Participants’ Swings”

  1. I believe Rebecca Artis, with Gary Edwin as her “Right-Sided Swing” coach has a swing that is similar to the MGSS, and effective, though not exactly the same-and not as bio-mechanically researched or explained.

  2. —Mr. Edwin in his “Right Sided Swing” RSS advocates a “tuck” in the trail side’s waste similar to MGSS twist, a “body-line” location of the club, a tilt of the head to the trail side as golfer stays posted forward or “on the wall” and a dropping of the arms that comprises the down-swing after a bit of pressure on the lead heel.

    After 3 years trying to appropriate his teachings my real breakthroughs came these last 3 weeks simply following MGSS. Out of 20 nine-hole segments I have shot a 39, three 41’s, ten 42’s, two 44’s, and a handful of 46-48’s as I experimented with a hybrid of MGSS/RSS. For my first 39 today in over two years, I twisted, tilted, lifted and slightly stepped on my left heel. As the round progressed, injury to my right knee affected my balance and I shot a higher score-my surgery is scheduled for Friday to replace my right knee-used your chipping system to good effect and had 8 balls “lip-out” with chips or putts during the round-4 on the 39!

    I will try the underarm swing tomorrow despite my fear of loosing some power and distance. The loose right arm is brilliant! Cheers!

  3. My avg drive today was almost 250 whereas it was just 235-240 earlier in the week and I was effectively drawing/fading the ball on multiple shots through the bag.

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