What do You Struggle With?

How Can YourGolfGuru Help?

  • Do you struggle with your slice or hook?
  • Do you have inconsistent on- course performance?
  • Do you experience pain while playing golf?
  • Hit the ball further, straighter, and higher.
  • Have consistent performance.
  • Reduce risk for injury, including the lower back.

How Do We We Can Help?

The Minimalist Golf Swing is the ONLY swing method in the world which is reverse-engineered from club-ball contact requirements and the Ball Flight Laws. It is very simple to execute, and shows instantly better ball-flight.

the Minimalist Golf Swing is based on over 17 years of golf-swing biomechanics research. Research has proven that swinging ‘wide’ and ‘inside’ during the backswing will give better distance and direction, and the MGS has been developed to have PRECISE methods for encouraging a ‘wide’ and ‘inside’ backswing, while preventing all extra or undesirable moves. EVERY move is 100% science-based. The method also takes into account human joint biomechanics, so that every important joint is bent or twisted ONLY in it’s designed plane of movement during the backswing, and thus the downswing happens with hardly any chance for error or injury