Play Your Best Golf Always.

What do You Struggle With?

How Can YourGolfGuru Help?

  • Do you struggle with your slice or hook?
  • Do you have inconsistent on- course performance?
  • Do you experience pain while playing golf?

  • Hit the ball further, straighter, and higher.
  • Have consistent performance.
  • Reduce risk for injury, including to the lower back.

    Improve fitness, nutrition, mental aspects.

How Do I I Can Help?

YourGolfGuru can help you develop a swing for better performance and less risk of injury.

All movements you will learn have been researched                 

You will not be confused between old and new, because the new set-up triggers the new swing

FREE tips on fitness, nutrition, and psychology will support YOUR BEST GOLF 


YourGolfGuru is the only golf instructor with the following accomplishment:

– Winner, National Championship (India)

– 30+ years golf teaching experience

– LPGA Master Professional

– Ph.D. Kinesiology (in ALL the movement      sciences)

– Developer of the science-based and              highly-researched Minimalist Golf Swing       System (for full-swing and short game)