Calling all golf instructors, golf coaches, golf fitness trainers and healthcare providers (physical therapist, chiropractor) who work with golfers.

This certification will enable you to:

  • Use scientifically relevant information while helping golfers
  • Understand the design of the human body – what it can and cannot do
  • Learn how the brain controls movement
  • Be a more informed consumer of golf-related research
  • Learn little-known aspects of the movement sciences

It is a self-paced course with the following modules:

Module 1.

  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  • Physical Screening 
  • Golf Swing-related Injury

Module 2. 

  • Motor Behavior – Motor Learning and Motor Control 

Module 3.

  • Biomechanics for golf – specific important concepts

Module 4.

  • Golf Research Methods and golf-related Literature –   learn to source and understand peer reviewed journal articles.      
  • Discuss some classic golf-related research papers