Tiger Woods, Hank Haney, ‘The Big Miss’ and – naturally – MGSS

Read Hank Haney’s book ‘The Big Miss’ and could not put it down – not for the relationships of the various protagonists or anything as minor as that, but for the swing changes that Hank made and that he alluded to the coaches before and after him having made.

Was completely horrified at what these best of teachers teach! Basically, long-term band-aids, not cures. See the ‘MGS for Tiger and all Pros’ section of this blog for details and how MGSS would be the making of Tiger.

The goal of my life is to be Tiger’s next golf instructor and he truly needs MGSS. That is even more apparent after getting some insight into his psyche from all the comments ascribed to him in the book. What a waste for such a PHENOM to be compromising on distance to hit the ball straight – and still not always being able to do so!