What is the pre-shot routine and why does it matter?

It is different things to different people, and can be used as both a physical check-list to make sure none of the important steps of the set-up are unintentionally omitted, and as a mental routine to get from the planning stage to the playing stage of the swing.

People have even researched the pre-shot routine, and much has been written about it. It is also said that each step of the routine should have a specific purpose and any extra idiosyncratic parts should be removed.

It is a very important part of the MGS (may be seen in the ‘MGS what it is’ section of this blog or in the ebook DIY (do-it-yourself) GOLF.

The MGS pre-shot routine ensures that the golfer’s distance from ball, height of hands, ball-position and width of stance never vary. Its more center-tending ball-position facilitates the ‘twist’ (which in turn facilitates an easier MGS backswing).

Many golfers incorporate the twist perfectly, but then, somehow, lose much of it just before starting the backswing. It is important to ‘stay in the twist’ at the time of the start of the backswing. It could be either looking at the target after twisting, making some waggle or just getting comfortable that gets a person un-tiwsted before takeaway.

If you have any photographs of how you look JUST BEFORE START OF BACKSWING, please send them so we can post them here for the benefit of all visitors to this blog. If you have any ‘extra’ bits to your pre-shot routine that what MGS suggests, tell us what they are and why you incorporate those extra ‘bits’.