“They’ will tell you that you should putt with an in-to-in putting stroke. Simply because the putter shaft is positioned at an angle and the putter swings on a plane.

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However, basic common sense will tell you that a ‘crooked’ implement plus a ‘crooked’ stroke cannot work except with perfect timing, which is not possible to have all the time!

Basic trigonometry will also tell you what common sense should. If you plan to put ‘ϰ’ amount of power into the ball in the direction of the target (presume it’s a straight putt, in this case), but suddenly pull the putter offline, then you end up putting ‘ϰ’ amount of power into the new direction, with the ball getting a glancing blow and a mere cosine of ‘ϰ’ amount of power into it, along the target line!

Two videos will explain this point better. Click on

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