The Common Factor in six MORE top Women’s Backswings

Muscles of downswing rotation:

The abdominal obliques rotate the spine and the gluteal muscles (along with 6 other ‘ladder’ muscles) rotate the hips. They can rotate best when the spine is as upright as possible and rotate less and less efficiently as the spine and hips get more and more flexed forwards.

The consequences of no backswing hip rotation, along with steep trunk lateral flexion:

A lot of muscles have to hustle to position several joints into positions from which they can deliver the club to the ball from the inside. Women do not have as much fast-twitch muscle as men, and also have larger hip areas to rotate during the downswing, so will not always be able to time (ie sequence or co-ordinate) all movements in an efficient manner.

See six more top golfers with negligible to no hip rotation during the backswing, and too much trunk lateral flexion. All the various parts of the spine having to torque at different rates and in different directions! OUCH.

Left to right top row: Julie Inkster, Jessica Korda, Caroline Hedwall

Left to right bottom row: Ally McDonald (A), Karrie Webb, Marta Silva

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 8.55.23 PM

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 8.55.35 PM