A new video in the golf videos section (the Body’s Role in the Golf Swing) explains why it is not enough to simply look at club shaft plane or clubface position, not to require a golfer to shift weight or rotate the torso but not the hips.

CAN the body actually place the club in position no matter what?

CAN the body bump and twist and unbump and untwist to order?

See the video to understand the role of the body – not just in golf, but in other sports too.

Coming soon – based on the abovementioned video – Over-the-top the BEST DEFINITION. Why best? Once again because it describes over-the-top in body – not club terms.

To all those who believe in ‘swing the clubhead’ or some version of it, I urge you to beef up on a bit of human anatomy. Anything the club does the body is making it do!