Stacy Lewis’ Golf Swing 2014 – An Anatomical Analysis

A look at Stacy Lewis’ statistics, score-cards and golf swing will show why she can collect a ton of birdies and have a very cool-blue score card one day (as on Day 4 of the 2014 US Women’s Open) and an orange/red card (with high/heat inducing scores) another (Day 3)!

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 4.00.15 PM

During the event, (see ‘statistics’ above) her ‘fairways hit’ ranged from a high of 13/14 to a low of 9/14, while her greens-for-regulation went from 11/18 to 17/18. Her average driving distance ranged from about 244 to 257, a difference of 13 yards (of course a few outliers alone can cause this difference, but in a mere 18 holes, each outlier is expensive).

How often can she rely on a mere 26 putts to save the day, as she did on Day 4? (Score card below)

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 4.20.00 PM

Compare Day 4’s score card with that of Day 3 (below)

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 4.20.20 PM

See her video