One of the pages on this blog has an ‘learn MGSS in a day’ offer. It helps to personalize MGS – FOR YOU.


All the people who availed of the offer this summer, visited over two days, which was easier for them, in terms of ‘getting it’ as well as not over-taxing the back and hands!

Often, despite reading it all and looking at the videos, people cannot pin-point exactly which part they did not quite ‘get’. This leak means an inconsistent result, so why bother with MGS at all in that case, if inconsistency continues! So, the offer will be available – for St Louis – for 2 more months only, and may not be made next summer.

Also, today’s science ‘tutorial’ is on math – which if explained well and simply IS NOT a four letter word (please don’t say it’s actually ‘mathematics’, so cannot be a four-letter word anyway!).

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