GOLF and the TIME of your life.

GOLF and having the TIME of one’s life? A contradiction in terms, surely?

Not really. If taken literally, the success of one’s GOLF can actually be directly related to TIME. Whether it be the TIME of one’s life, or the TIME ‘hurrying on’ or, more importantly for the purpose of this post, the TIME one takes to go from the relatively benign position of top-of-backswing to the disaster-zone of impact.

It’s all about time. A commodity we seem to have so little of.

So too is it in our downswings. One really cannot make the downswing SLOW ENOUGH to do all that must be done during its passing. The solution then? DO LESS IN THE TIME realistically AVAILABLE.

And, although TIMING in golf refers to the correct sequencing of body-parts during the downswing (lower body before upper body), that too is TIME-dependent.

So, here’s wishing you have the time of your life learning something worthwhile about how to best utilize the time-dependent downswing phase of the golf swing through the video posted here: