A great response from Bill. Have replied with useful TO DO thoughts in order to get into the positions suggested by Bill.

And a picture from the new MGS-er himself:

Test Your Understanding of MGS

Calling all MGS Practitioners. Test YOUR understanding of MGS, and, at the same time, help a rookie MGS-er ‘get-it’.

Tell this golfer what he should do with his 1. Set-up 2. Backswing to be swinging MGS. Post comments here.

Also, the easiest, most pain-free way to ‘get’ MGS is to have it personalized for you – check the ‘learn MGS in a day’ section of this blog, and visit St Louis this summer to become fully immersed – painlessly – in MGS.

OR even become MGS certified, so you can teach as well as swing MGS (for both full-swing and short-game) – see the section on ‘get MGS certified’.

3 replies on “Test Your Understanding of MGS”

  1. He should have no wrist hinge, a straight left arm and a right shoulder turn away from the ball. His left arm shouid extend to above his right shoulder.

  2. YES! Bill, that was a great summary.
    So, in simple steps for my rookie-MGS-er (not rookie golfer, mind):
    1. Get the stance (spread the feet) first, then TWIST (you’ll feel the entire body is
    twisting, which is good, as long as the shoulders twist the most)
    2. MAINTAIN those angles, ie. ONLY the left arm should move after the set-up
    If the left arm is loose the elbow and both wrists are less likely to bend.
    4. If someone standing opposite you can see your right shoulder, you’re not MGS-ing.

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