Hold the club with any grip which keeps each hand on its own side of the putter (1).
Stand 8-12 inches away from the ball.
Bend from the waist, until your eyes are directly above the ball.
Keep the shoulders relaxed and level with one another (2).
The elbows must be straight, without being tense or tight, and the knees must be relaxed without being bent
The swing

The arms must swing back and past the ball, parallel to the toes.
The backswing should be the bare minimum required for the distance to be covered.
The through swing should be a natural follow-on based on the speed of swing required, and the length of the backswing.
The left wrist must not bend as it moves past the ball (a). If the clubshaft is more or less vertical at both ends of the swing (b), then the wrists are in a good position.


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