A pitch shot is one which lofts the ball very high up into the air, with little or no run to it.

The following drill will demonstrate the correct position for the arms in the backswing: Set up in an address posture. Place the left hand on the grip, then grab the top of the left hand, as it holds onto the club, with the right hand. Now make a backswing in which the left arm remains completely straight, and climbs upto waist-high.This drill helps to train the right elbow to get into an ideal position at the top of the backswing. This is the correct top-of-backswing position from which to make a basic yet effective pitch shot.

Stand fairly upright, and nearer to the ball than for the full-swing.
Set up with a square stance, with shoulders above hips above feet. Do not stand open to the target line.
The feet should be fairly close to one another, with weight evenly distributed between them.
The swing

Based on the feel of the drill, make a backswing which puts you in the same position, in terms of the elbows and shoulders. Keep the shoulders as inactive as possible throughout the swing.
In the backswing, the arms climb only by a fold of the right elbow, and NOT by any bending of the wrists.
The shoulders must remain relaxed throughout the swing.
The downswing must drop the club steeply into the ground, before the followthrough takes place.
The followthrough must be at least as long as, or longer than, the backswing.
Keep the clubface facing the sky (a) until it is well past the ball in the followthrough.
The shoulders must not rotate, during either the back- or the through-swings.


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