A chip shot is one which puts just enough height on the ball to let it land safely on the green, after which it runs along the ground all the way to the hole. A lofted club takes care of the height required, and the swing must keep the ball low and running after it lands.

Stand just slightly further away from the ball than for a putt, and more upright.
Place the left hand halfway down the grip, making a straight line from the left shoulder, through the elbow, wrist and down to the club head (1). The left hand must be in front of the left thigh. Only two knuckles of the left hand should be visible (2).
Now bring (3) the right arm from below and behind the left arm, and place it on the club using your usual grip.
Both arms should be very straight, with the elbows as close to one another as possible.

The swing :

Swing the arms and club back and forth an equal amount, eg. ankle-high to ankle-high or knee-high to knee-high, with the follow-through never being higher than the backswing.
Swing the clubhead parallel to your toes.
Freeze where the swing finishes (a).
The arms must remain as straight as possible throughout the swing, especially on the throughswing. That is, wrists and elbows must not bend.

When seen from behind, the arms must move clear of the body on both sides of the swing (b).

The 'Bottomline' concept in all aspects of the short-game has been devised to allow a golfer to make a very simple and easy-to-repeat swing, which therefore gives more consistency. For lessons on how to fine-tune your short game, contact me at : kk@yourgolfguru.com.


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