The Kiran Kanwar Golf Swing has been developed using movements which the body is easily able to make, while still keeping in mind the requirements of the Ball Flight Laws

For instance, it has traditionally been said that as a golfer ages, a 90° shoulder turn becomes difficult. That is simply not true. Using the recommended swing, the straight right arm pulls the left shoulder around the central spine, which acts like a fulcrum. The arms travelling ‘in’ further aid shoulder turn. It is only when a body is expected to make a big coil, and the arms are supposed to start away from the body, then move around behind the body, that shoulder turn becomes an un-natural, and therefore difficult, movement

The goal of the backswing is NOT to create a Tiger Woods type tightly-wound-up looking coil. This is very hard on all the body parts and only possible for someone who can move the hips so much and so quickly out of the way in the downswing, as Tiger Woods can. The purpose of shoulder turn is merely to get the right shoulder out of the way, so that it cannot commence the downsiwng. Winding up the body in a tight coil does not necessarily make it uncoil in the desired correct sequence.

This is a swing which a person of any age, strength and skill-level can easily perform.

This swing is also is less prone to cause injury. There is less opportunity for a mis-hit, especially of the over-the-top variety. In the recommended swing, the club swings on an in-to-out path, allowing the left arm to expand away from the body. It does not have to be jerked quickly out of the way while an aggressive right side rushes into the downswing.

When an over-the-top swing occurs, the aggressive right side forces the left elbow, and with it the wrist and hand, to fold in an awkward and jarring or jerky manner, often causing injury. In fact, an elbow injury accounts for 33% of all amateur golfer injuries, and wrist and hand injuries for another 20%. The same movement also compresses the lower back, (35%). (Dr Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries © 2004, Doctor Divot Publishing, Inc.)


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